Welcome to Macarthur Podiatry
Macarthur Podiatry Group Pty Ltd (MPG) was established in 1993 in Campbelltown, Sydney and has also developed additional Clinics located in Wollongong.
In addition to providing general patient care in our Clinics, MPG also provides podiatric services to large organisations which include industrial companies, government departments, hospitals and sporting academies.
Our Services
General Podiatry
corns, callouses, plantar warts and cracked heels
Lower Limb Assessments
utilise the latest technology available including video gait analysis
Treatment of foot conditions
heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, metatarsal pain, flat feet and lower back pain
Assessment of children's feet
treatment, growing pains, knock knees, heel pain, pigeon toes, out/in toe gait
Ingrown toenails
simple treatments and surgical procedures available
Physical Therapy
M.P.G. employs an in-house physiotherapist to treat lower limb conditions
Diabetic Assessments
Lower Limb Assessment
Sports Medicine
Team & Club Assessments which can be performed 'on site'